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HTELCO: A pioneering company with innovative services and strategic goal of creating a modern, high-performance customer-centric organization, with a leading position in the market.

HTELCO, with respect to the modern consumer needs, seeks to offer new unlimited digital capabilities in a simple and dynamic way, contributing to the development of a digital society that helps personal and social development to improve life and communication.

Its services, which create a new form of connection, a new era in communication, are determined by full transparency, flexibility, trust, fast and stable customer support.

Without the rigors of bureaucracy, with executives always on the side of consumers, HTELCO envisions and seeks to grow through constant improvement and daily proof of its credibility. It endeavors to offer technology and advanced communication services to create a better world

The values that follow us

The values that always follow us and are our guide are dominant in all our activities. Our basic philosophy is that, in order to gain the trust of society, it is necessary to provide products, technologies and services that meet its expectations. This determines the way of development and co-operation that we support with ethos, reliability and deep knowledge of the subject


We recognize and respect our clients and partners. We want to be part of local societies and our services to improve their economic and social activity.


A consistency in our words and works characterizes us and we are fully responsible for whatever we promise without over-ambitious promises and exaggerations.


We are constantly looking for new ways of improving and creating value for both our customers and society. All the products and services we offer aim to be easy to understand, modern and useful.

Become a partner of Htelco

If you want to offer your customers, modern and reliable telecommunication services in cooperation with a dynamically growing company, contact us or fill in the form and we will contact you.

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Authorized Telephone Services
Provider (reg. number: 14-162)

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Authorized Telephone Services
Provider (reg. number: 14-162)