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Look for a response to any question about HTELCO's services in our list

If you do not find the answer you want, please contact the HTELCO helpdesk. We will be happy to assist you!

The process is done through www.htelco.gr where the form with the requested information is filled in and you send us an automated mail to the email you have stated on the form, which contains the application number and some useful information.

After you send us the application, in the coming days a technician will contact you to make an appointment to make a FREE pre-measurement and check if the service can be delivered immediately if it meets the technical specifications.

If the service can not be delivered directly because of a higher tier building, then we let you know when the service will be available.

The service is wireless and to deliver, we create a wireless link between the nearest htelco base station and your building.

We place a small 25 cm antenna on the roof of the building which is low emission and intensity (we are emitting at 5 MHz that is a free frequency) and the workshop lowers an ethernet cable to the space you want the internet. We connect it to an adapter that we give you to power the antenna and then connects to the router that we give you. The speed depends on conditions, with the most important visual contact of the building with the nearest base station.

The activation fee is €60 and concerns installation, wiring up to 25m, if necessary another cable then each extra metro costs €0.5 and the router we give you. If there is no antenna mast to mount the antenna, the workshop will provide you with a spar that costs €30. Costs for additional cable measures and web are paid on site to the workshop.

The antenna and its adapter for power supply are the property of htelco, and are listed in the special terms. When you stop being a htelco subscriber, the antenna and power adapter are returned to htelco.

The phone is in cooperation with the yuboto company and the packages are monthly (from 1-30 each month) and you can change them every month.

To fixed: € 2-180 minutes, € 3 -360 minutes, € 10-100 minutes, charge per minute

and to mobile: € 1.50 -60 minutes, € 5-240 minutes.

There is also the option not to take a package but to put money into your account. Bc: € 5 and can eat whenever you want.

So you make your phone according to your needs every month

Once your telephone line is transferred to the HTELCO network, you no longer pay for the line service to your current provider.

HTELCO in cooperation with the leading Miktrotik company provides you with customized router equipment (you just plug it in and it works)

HTELCO will help you deal directly with every problem because it has a dedicated service department at 2310.590441

Select the package that fits you from here and fill out the following application

The supporting documents you will be asked for are:

  • The two sides of the identity or any other document you choose for the identity
  • The last phone bill (if it is an existing mobile connection) or a PPC, EYATH or mobile (if it is about a new number) bill.

If you do not wish to attach the supporting documents when completing the application, you can send them later by email at info@htelco.gr

About 5-10 days after completing the application at www.htelco.gr. In any case, HTELCO will inform you of  the process and the service activation time.

The key advantage of your cooperation with HTELCO is that there is no contract duration, as there are no commitments, fine prints and hidden charges. The subscription is monthly and you can cancel it whenever you want. For those who want it there is an option for a 12-month contract

The customer service department is always available at 2310.590441 You can also fill in the contact form and we will contact you directly.

You can find out the stage of your application by calling HTELCO Customer Service at 2310.590441

No, you can ask for a new line and a new number, and HTELCO will take care of your request.

No, you can keep exactly the same phone number without any problems.

Yes, you can request a new line and a new number from HTELCO for Fixed Telephony & Internet services.

HTELCO, following the charging policy that EETT has set for all domestic providers, has a billing step per minute.

You need to make a written request to HTELCO. You will need to send us a proof of identity and a current or water bill stating the new address.

If you move to an area with a same prefix, yes. Otherwise you will be given a new number by HTELCO.

The existing company may reject the application if the VAT ID – or if you do not own the ID number, the ID / Passport ID Number – is different from the data in its possession. Also, if the company has a different name from the application, it will notify the new company, which has to confirm your details before implementing the portability. If this is not possible, it cancels the portability request.

The company must, if for any reason not activate the service on the specified date, notify you within 2 working days of the delay and cause, the ability to resolve the problem and the estimated trigger date. This process is repeated whenever a problem occurs and until the service is activated. In any case, you have the right to submit a cancellation request within 3 business days prior to the activation date.

Yes, by filling out the portability application, you

The company is required to respond to your complaint / complaint within 20 calendar days of receipt. Verify receipt of your document.

can transfer all your geographic numbers and up to 8 MSN numbers at no-cost portability.

Companies are required to keep the data for the confirmation of charges on their subscribers’ accounts for a period of 12 months in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data. Exceptions are cases where, by explicit statutory or regulatory provision, it is necessary to keep the data for longer.

Click “Start” in the “Search Programs and Files” bar at the bottom, type “CMD” and click “Enter”. On the screen that appears, type ipconfig, press Enter, and see IP in the IPv4 Address field.

The billed duration differs from the actual due to the minimum billing duration per call and the different service billing step. For example, the minimum billing time per call is 60 seconds. So if you make a 30-second call, the actual duration of the call that will be displayed will be 30 seconds, while the invoiced duration will be 60 seconds.

If you wish to transfer your service to another person, you will need to send us a completed and signed application for transfer of service together with the necessary supporting documents or contact us at 2310.590441

Currently deposited with Piraeus Bank


There will be other ways very soon

HTELCO’s wireless network is privately owned and includes the city of Thessaloniki.

  • Convert your mobile or tablet to a fixed phone using free SIP apps. Take advantage of the low cost and advantages of a fixed, coupled with mobile versatility. The quality of the calls depends on the quality of the internet connection.
  • Use your computer as a fixed phone by installing one of the free SIP apps that you can download from the internet. Of course, for making calls, a headset and microphone are required, the quality of which determines the quality of the sound.
  • Use Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) This is a device that converts the analog signal of a common telephone device to digital. VoIP ATA devices usually have at least 2 inputs, one to connect to the internet and one to connect to the telephone. They are low cost devices, offer excellent call quality and great convenience, as long as they can connect wired or wireless phones already in your possession.
  • Voip Phone Device. These are VoIP telephones that are connected directly to the internet, and you can make and receive phone calls through them. It is one of the most appropriate ways of using the service and usually provides the best communication quality. They are available in a wide range of features and features from simple phone devices to multi-line and multi-line business phones.

Connect the equipment to the telephone socket, as instructed, use cables and power supplies in good condition, place the equipment in a space that can be ventilated and away from other devices.

For our part, it is possible that there is no interruption of the telephone connection, but there is a possibility that you will not be able to receive calls for a few minutes until all providers have been informed of your transition to the HTELCO network.

Providers of fixed telephony networks need some time (a few minutes to a few hours) to inform you that you now belong to the HTELCO network.

After you can call, make a call to an intimate cell phone (or yours) and if the number that appears on the mobile screen is yours, then the update process is probably complete, otherwise contact us at 2310.590441

Check your phone, make sure it contains charged batteries properly installed, and tried to remove your phone from the power and telephone outlets (including filters / separators) for a few minutes and try again. If the problem persists with another telephone device. If all this fails, contact us at 2310.590441

The protected ‘Reset’ button, if pressed, will reset the Router to its original factory settings, losing all the settings you made later (eg wireless network name). In case you just want to restart the Router, use the ‘On / Off’ button instead of the ‘Reset’ button.

Yes, you can disable call waiting from your phone by typing # 43 #.

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Authorized Telephone Services
Provider (reg. number: 14-162)

Designed & developed by διαφημιστική εταιρία Θεσσαλονίκη



Authorized Telephone Services
Provider (reg. number: 14-162)